Dive Sites


Most buoys in Lake Mead are gone as it is not legal to place them.

A Dive Flag is required on all dives in Lake Mead. If you use a site that has a mooring please be careful with the mooring.

Blue Markers are suggested for divers of all skill levels.

Green Markers are suggested sites for instructors with students. Please yield to classes when diving in these areas.

Red Markers are suggested for divers with advanced training only. Diving on these markers without proper training can be dangerous and possibly fatal.

Yellow Markers are Tech Diving Sites. These sites are the most advanced of all. Diving into these sites without proper training is extremely dangerous and possibly fatal.

This is purely informational and diving is a dangerous sport, please take care and protect yourself and others.

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You can download these points in .gpx or .kml format for your own GPS device by right clicking the links below and selecting “save as” to save the file to your computer or device.

Lake Mead Dive Locations.kml

Lake Mead Dive Spots.gpx